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     As an Artist myself, I completely understand the creative path isn’t always the easiest one to follow. I have been working diligently in the Ammolite Industry for years honing my skills in Mining, Production, and Marketing.
     Personally, it was the Mining process, that first captivated me and pushed me to further my Ammolite journey! The raw experience at the mining level digging with massive Earth Movers, Dozers and Excavators….. Discovering 70-million-year-old Fossilized Ammonite Concretions! I was to be the first person in the world to touch this amazing creature! When I saw the shimmering gemstone under the sun, I was completely hooked!

     I knew I had to get that experience on the mining level out into the world. It took a long time…. but we did it! We filmed the entire 2020 season at the mine site creating the worlds first Ammolite Treasure Hunting Reality TV Show in the “Alberta Fossil Family Series!” This educative and entertaining 5-episode Series gives the viewer a “no holds bar” access to Ammonite Mining like no one has ever seen before. We show what it is really like on the Mining level to try to find 70-million-year-old Ammonite Concretions in the ground!
     I have taken my young kids with me on Ammolite Discovery Treasure Hunts along relevant river systems and Provincial Parks in Alberta! We love to get out and explore Alberta while hunting for Ammolite Gemstone. Naturally, my kids caught the “Fossil” bug just like Dad. Fossil Dad at the mine site and the Alberta Fossil Family was created from the base of those experiences over many years! We chose to use Social Media as our way to communicate our amazing experiences to the world!
     Alberta Fossil Family Brands recognizes Ammolite as an opportunity that should be enjoyed by everyone in your family! We want to connect with younger generations to educate them about this amazing fossilized creature. We seek to experiment and continually create new and exciting Ammolite Gemstone Products!
     In closing, we are committed Artisan’s and Fossil Hunters that will seek to evolve our Ammolite Strategies while introducing new Marketing concepts to the world using innovative content on Social Media. Most importantly, Ammolite needs to be recognized for what it really is…. the newest gemstone in the world and a non-renewable and rare, natural gemstone resource specific to Alberta!
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Ammonite to Ammolite History



     Ammonites were an amazing species of ancient Cephalopods or Mollusks (Squid) that successfully lived from approximately 62 million to approximately 200 million years ago. Ammonites were an intelligent species that spread around the globe leaving us with a rich fossil history. Ammonites can be seen in museums around the world showcasing the hundreds of different species. Ammonites and their iconic “Swirl” are recognized by Native American’s as Buffalo Stone. Ammonite’s have a rich history with many cultural references throughout the world.
     The world was a different looking place back in the Cretaceous Period. Canada had the Western Interior Seaway. It was this Seaway that made possible for Alberta to secure its place in history as the Ammolite Capital of the world. The Seaway created a highway for the Ammonites to travel freely. The Seaway eventually receded trapping many Ammonites. The Ammonites perished and their bodies lay ready for the historic events that lied ahead.
     The Bearpaw Formation is located primarily in Alberta, Canada but does reach Montana and Saskatchewan. This Formation is where the Seaway Ammonites carcasses were deposited. Over millions of years the outside of the Ammonite Shell turned into Gemstone! Alberta is the only place in the world to show Ammonites producing multi-colored shimmering gemstone. Ammolite is created from the fossilized remains of the Ammonite. Ammolite was recognized as a gemstone in 1981, by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) and is one of the top ten rarest Organic gemstones on Earth.
     If you would like to see how Ammonite is mined and produced into Ammolite go to the video’s section of our website! Click on the “Alberta Fossil Family Series” for a comprehensive, educative and entertaining look at mining for Ammonite!