About us

Alberta Fossil Family is proud to share the journey of Albertas Provincial Gemstone: Ammolite. Our company mines, produces and distributes wholesales Ammolite Products around the world. Our company philosophy keeps our Ammolite products natural and affordable without color enhancements making our 65-million-year-old fossil gemstone jewelry completely one of a kind.

We have mined multiple locations within the Alberta Bearpaw Formation and have been invited to dig for Dinosaur Fossils at private properties across Alberta. We are lucky to have a family business that allows all of us to Fossil Hunt at locations across Alberta. We encourage other Albertian families to enjoy the amazing fossil resources Alberta has by filming and posting the locations on YouTube for families to fossil hunt!

Our company created the world’s first treasure Reality TV show, Ammolite Mining in Alberta episodes 1 to 5. The family friendly Ammonite Mining series shows the challenges and everyday life of mining for ancient Ammonites in Alberta. For those Fossil Friends out there, we also show you how to make, finish and produce Ammolite gemstone jewelry on our channel.


Fossil Dad