About us

     I can’t tell you how proud and excited I am to be able to offer to you, my Artistry in Ammolite. The journey to reach this point has been incredibly educational and filled with moments of levity to sheer terror! It’s with the greatest of intent that I introduce my Artwork to you. In that light, each and every Ammolite product on my website is truly Hand Crafted and completely original. To be able to take a single piece of Ammonite and watch the creative evolution unfold, turning it to Ammolite is amazing!

     My process is a timely one that truly emphasizes the gemstone not the setting. The Ammolite is the centerpiece and for that reason shouldn’t be diminished in presentation. I use rather large Ammolite Gemstones and Mosaic’s to create BIG and BOLD designs. I believe the movement of Ammolite showcases its beauty as an Art Form. I will continue to push the boundaries of creativity, foraging new and creative products with this amazing gemstone! What’s most important is that I have fun and am truly happy while creating my products!

     Please enjoy them as I have and thanks for taking the time to visit our website!

Fossil Dad